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Art Direction

Our goal was to establish a brand identity for an online coding school catering to ages 10 to 18. The initial step involved conducting customer interviews to gain insights into our target demographic and define the brand's positioning and personality.

Following our audience analysis, we developed a set of messaging guidelines, which served as the foundation for visualizing the brand. Contrary to initial assumptions of using vibrant colors and a playful tone of voice typically associated with children's brands, we opted for an approach that was "empowering," "bold," and "clever" to align with the competitive nature of the product ecosystem.

Ranking System

Content symbolism

Leagues and 3D objects

The pandemic has significantly altered how children interact with the world. Concerns about disconnection from reality prompted us to take action, transforming a mundane subject into a game that utilizes symbolism and digital elements to reflect real-world progress.

Similar to typical online games, we implemented a ranking system. Instead of receiving traditional grades, which can sometimes demotivate students, the ranking system illustrates a "Only up" approach, emphasizing linear progress and providing continuous rewards.

Website & Student Portal

We segmented our work into two main categories: internal and external digital products.

The internal component consisted of the student portal—an interactive platform where learners could engage, sign up for classes, register for personal sessions, and participate in other activities within the "Leagues of Code" curriculum.

The external aspect involved the website, which focused on providing information about the product and guiding new customers to the portal.

Design principles

Given the product's start-up nature, we anticipated the need for extensive testing and redesign based on performance metrics. That's why one of our main principles was modularity.

Since our customer base consists of parents with significant responsibilities for their children, we prioritized enhancing informativeness in our digital representation

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