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About the project

As a visual designer and art director at Harbour.Space, I was responsible for integrating visual elements and refining branding strategies to create a cohesive and unified visual identity. Our main objective was to enhance the university's digital presence across various platforms, including its website and multiple social media channels.

Design system

Upon reviewing several brand books, we noticed that although the main concept was bold, different designers within the university interpreted and executed it differently over time.

In light of this inconsistency, we proposed the development of a design system concept. Through this process, we concluded that a website redesign was necessary to address the existing issues of inconsistency and lack of logical coherence. To effectively communicate this idea to stakeholders, we segmented the design system into Principles and Mechanics. This approach enabled us to validate the need for digital change and initiate collaborations with studios to accelerate the process.

Color principles

Color mechanics

Avatar principles

Avatar mechanics

Pages based on design system

Application process

Marketing Strategy

We encountered a similar visual inconsistency in our marketing materials. The diversity in design approaches was significant and prevalent across all social media platforms. To establish a more cohesive style, we organized visuals according to their intended purposes. This systematic categorization resulted in more uniform visual patterns across related social platforms.

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